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Activity 10 – PostGrad Learning Journey

I started this journey on the first day – literally. The very first Monday session in the first intake. I […]

Activity 9 – Cultural Responsiveness in Practice

Ethics relates to the “learned behaviours shaped by societal influences” (MindLab portal notes) and many professions have a Code of Ethics, to which […]

Activity 8 – Legal Contexts and Digital Identities

The Code of Ethics for teachers, as stated by the NZ Education Council, is summarised as: Commitment to learners Commitment […]

Activity 7 – Social Media in Learning, Teaching and PD

We were asked to reflect upon our views on social media in education, so I thought it pertinent to begin […]

Edison robot

Activity 6 – Contemporary Issues in Education

The two main issues that are relevant to my teaching practice are coding in schools and the maker movement. The UK have […]

Permission to Play Takeaways

So my head’s been buzzing for much of the day, during and after attending the ULearn 2015 pre-conference day, Permission […]

Keeping a Blog for Professional Purposes

It’s the start of October and I’ve decided to sign up for the #cenz15 and #EdBlogNZ challenge. It’s a bit […]


Activity 5 – Professional Connection Map

In completing this activity I realised I had more current professional connections than I thought I did. Below is my […]


Activity 4 – My Professional Community

Stakeholders The stakeholders in my professional community are varied, with the five dominant illustrated below. Each stakeholder influences my practice […]

Activity 3 – Responses to Finlay’s article

The first point that struck me as interesting in this article was related to Reflection ‘in’ and ‘on’ practice. Often when […]