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Arduino Tutorials

I’ve been experimenting with Arduino and electronics over the past few weeks. It’s fascinating stuff, but quite a big learning curve; partly because there is a plethora of resources online that it’s difficult to know where to begin!


So as I come across tutorials that I’ve found useful, I’ll post them here.

Beginners – Getting Started

  • Arduino – where it all begins!
  • Adafruit – 18 lessons for complete newbies to Arduino and electronics in particular
  • TopTechBoy – similar to the above Adafruit tutorials, but videos are about twice the length
  • LadyAda – good foray into coding for the Arduino
  • Hobbytronics – good basic tutorials on a range of topics, including Arduino and RPi
  • Starting Electronics – good course focusing on programming for the Arduino
  • Multiwingspan – lots of really well presented tutorials!

Project Ideas

  • The Ladder Game – LEDs, resistors, button
  • i-programmer – including spaceship, motorised pinwheel, crystal ball and Twitter control
  • Circuit Easy – tutorials using a range of sensors in particular
  • myhackspaceproject – a blog with a range of Arduino projects suitable for beginners and intermediate levels
  • MakeUseOf – 10 Arduino project ideas for beginners

Online Calculators

  • LEDs – useful for designing an LED array and figuring out what resistors are needed, based on the number of LEDs
  • Resistors – really good
  • Digikey – choice of 4-band, 5-band or 6-band resistor calculator

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