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Keeping a Blog for Professional Purposes

It’s the start of October and I’ve decided to sign up for the #cenz15 and #EdBlogNZ challenge. It’s a bit of a personal challenge as it turns out because even though I’ve had a blog since the late 2000’s, I’ve been pretty quiet on the writing front for much of the past 18 months! Priorities elsewhere! Posts related to the challenge and posts required to finish my PostGrad Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital and Collaborative Learning) through The Mindlab by Unitec will hopefully enable me to get into the swing of writing again!

The questions posed are:

  1. Why do I blog professionally?
  2. What do I blog about?

I originally started keeping a blog because I had to. It was part of my Masters study. That was way back in 2007ish. When that wrapped up in mid 2009 I decided to continue writing posts because I actually enjoyed the process of writing. Reflections, challenges and being able to sort through ideas I’d come across and put them into some semblance of intelligent thought is a way I find that I can stay relevant in the teaching profession. Being able to articulate what I think and why has helped me to decide which paths I’ll go down and which I won’t in terms of my wider professional endeavours.

I tend to blog about technology-related topics. None in particular, although the use of iPads, ebooks, BYOD in schools and mobile learning are prominent when I look back over previous posts. I’ve also posted more ‘techie’ thoughts/tutorials about programming, but that’s a whole other side to me! 🙂

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